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The Summit & Expo

10th Annual

August 22-24, 2016 | Grand Forks, North Dakota

The UAS industry is in the midst of an economic and technological evolution. The 10th annual UAS Summit and Expo—set in Grand Forks, North Dakota, near the heart of some of the most prominent U.S. UAS activity currently happening—is set to showcase and explain the evolution of UAVs while revealing the current state of the commercial UAS industry.

Join UAS Magazine, industry leaders, UAV manufacturers, payload providers, designers, and commercial operators at the one UAS event of the year that can combine previous event success with the most important insight of today’s UAS world. The UAS Summit and Expo will combine the perspective of regional UAS personnel with the regulatory insight of national UAV entities all while offering attendees a glimpse into the commercial realities and major economic opportunities and possibilities present in the most exciting growth space in North America.

Top Reasons to Attend The UAS Summit & Expo in 2016

This event has a history of uniting the best UAV minds in the industry in a single venue for an informational and content-charged two-day period.
  • Focused, technical presentations and special events designed to describe the latest technology offerings, software packages, business models and regulatory updates on the UAS industry
  • Exclusive conference social media site, where you can connect with your colleagues before, during and after the event.
  • Industry specific tours
  • Magazine coverage before, during and after the event
  • Exhibiting companies showcasing the latest technologies, new product launches and valuable industry services

Who Should Attend?

  • UAV Manufacturers
  • Commercial Pilots and Operators
  • Payload Providers
  • Military
  • Economic Developers
  • Engineers and Designers
  • Legal Representatives
  • Precision Agriculture Specialists
  • Law Enforcement
  • Real Estate Officials
  • Insurance Providers
  • Aerial Photographers
  • Software Developers
  • Component Manufacturers
  • Disaster Relief
  • Policy Makers
  • Research Institutions
  • Media Providers
  • And Others!
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